Suzie McDonald
Head of Property Management

As well as a wealth of local knowledge I bring with me years of International experience having worked in over 20 countries for High Profile clientele.

My ability as a natural connector allows me to engage with people from all walks of life on a deep level and build lasting relationships very quickly.  

I also maintain connections in a generous and supportive way allowing people to feel comfortable, relaxed and welcome.  I am a champion at creating opportunities for other people to connect to their benefit.

I act quickly on matters that arise and respond to people efficiently which keeps the lines of communication open. This allows me to pick up the phone and get things done.

My life experience has taught me to read and identify people very well which allows me to connect with them on a  level that makes them feel comfortable, heard and valued.  My warmth resonates with them and they always remember how I made them feel.

My honesty and openness as a natural communicator means I am straightforward and easily build trust.

My high level of organisation, time management and forward-thinking skills allows me to multitask and act fast on issues that arise.

Putting myself in the shoes of others shows my level of humility and empathy and I never make things more complicated than they are.

Having an open searching mind makes me interested and interesting and I always find time to communicate personally.  This allows me to listen properly and know instinctively what someone is trying to explain.

I face challenges with determination where others may collapse under pressure. This means people are happy to call on me when the going gets tough as they know I won’t shy away as I am naturally good at managing others in complex situations.